Our procedure for excavation projects starts with job assessment, followed by evaluation of materials and equipment required, project cost estimate, layout planning and approval, digging begins, excavation completed efficiently and on schedule according to customer needs.

When there is dirt to be moved, hauled, compacted or re-purposed, our team at JBM & Sons Excavating LLC has an efficient procedure to complete excavating projects in Maryland. Stand by while an excavation professional makes an expert job assessment of your project needs, creating an estimate of all materials and equipment needed. First our contractors start by meeting you and reviewing your land excavation goals, then work with your architectural plans or perform our own layout and come up with an excavation solution for your commercial or residential property.

Here you can review more specific content including a definition of what the excavating term actually is and how JBM & Sons, LLC works in Southern Maryland to get those excavation projects done. See images of completed projects, throughout Calvert, St. Marys, Prince George, Anne Arundel and Charles Counties of Maryland.